Support in educational and cultural pathways

In order to support the education of the most deserving, both at school and university, every year the Foundation prepares calls for applications for “Carla Mercurio” scholarships and degree awards.

This activity is also carried out with the help of companies, in order to bring students closer to the world of work, to offer them the opportunity to gain experience during their education and, finally, to create solid relations between the Foundation and companies that share its educational and training mission.

As part of these actions, the Foundation also makes donations aimed at supporting people directly in their education. In this way it intends to concretely help young people and families in coping with pressing needs, in any case linked to study and culture, enabling them not to give up educational opportunities that arise.

For information on the Foundation's activities, please contact:

+39 334 37 30 688

For administrative aspects, please write to:

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